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Anisotropic (oriented) - The material has a preferred direction of magnetic orientation.

Coercive Force, Hc - The demagnetizing force, in oersteds, required to reduce the residual induction, Br, of a fully magnetized magnet to zero.

Curie Temperature - Temperature at which a material loses its magnetic properties.

Gauss - Unit of measure of magnetic induction, B, or flux density in the CGS system.

Gaussmeter - An instrument used to measure the instantaneous value of magnetic induction, B.

Intrinsic Coercive Force, Hci - Oersted measurement of the material¡¯s inherent ability to resist self-demagnetization.

Isotropic (non-oriented) - The material has no preferred direction of magnetic orientation, which allows magnetization in any direction.

Magnetic Induction, B - Flux per unit area of a section normal to the direction of the magnetic path. Measured in gauss.

Maximum Energy Product, BHmax - The maximum product of (BdHd) which can be obtained on the demagnetization curve.

Maximum Operating Temperature - The maximum temperature of exposure that a magnet can forego without significant long-range instability or structural changes.

North Pole - That magnetic pole which attracts the geographic North Pole.

Residual Induction, Br - Flux density, measured in gauss, of a magnetic material after being fully magnetized in a closed circuit.

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