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A-L-L Magnetics Inc. has more than 20 years experience manufacturing magnets and magnetic products. We have a 7000 foot of facility with five heavy duty magnetizers. For the least expensive, high quantity, long term delivery (10-12 weeks) we supply International and Domestic raw materials For your immediate needs we have stock and manufacturing abilities for medium quantities with short term delivery (stock to 4 weeks).

Surplus Magnets


We offer fast consulting, design and prototyping to get your project started. We offer injection molding of plastics, metal stampings, welding and adhesive bonding to make your total magnet assembly.
The Magnet Source™ is used by four companies in CA, CO, OH and FL. We have 25+ years (since 1971) experience manufacturing magnets and magnetic products. We stock over 20 million magnets. We have 80+ employees prepared to serve you. We service over 10 million satisfied customers each year.

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